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There's A Lot of Shows Charlie Brown!

Doing thirteen shows a week is a little exhausting. True they are only an hour long, but for some reason, I am still exhausted at the end of the day. Which for this show is about 2:30pm. They're all matinees which is lovely. But still it kind of sucks to be shot by mid afternoon. The cast is excellent and the venue is great. We're packing the almost 600 seat house. The audiences are mixes of student groups and cute families, decked out in their Holiday best. Tina and I decided that little boys in sweaters and bowties are about the cutest damn thing. Tickets are still available, but good seats are running low - especially on the weekend. You can find more information at the Old Log Theatre's website. The promo pic above was before we had most of our costumes and wigs and stuff.

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