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Another SFSE and Ice Fish' Op'ner

The Summer of 2015 barrelled by and I sit squarely in the midsts of Fall. Two projects are on my horizon. First off in October - my producing buddy Beau Hays and I remounting "The Scariest Freakin' Show Ever" at the Bryant Lake Bowl. This will be the 5th time we've done this show! It will feature old favorites and some new sketches. I've been doing some sketch writing. We'll see how it's received.

Then, I've booked a gig (via theater buddy Greg Eiden again) with the Season's Dinner Theater. The show is an original work by Greg - loosley based on "A Christmas Carol" set on a frozen Minnesotan Lake. I play Fred and Tina is playing my wife Denise. I see a trend here. That starts rehearsals in January.

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