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I Have a Blog?

What? I have a blog? Oh yeah... right. One entry every five years or so is okay, yes? Life is good. There's more grey in my hair and apparently my crow's feet have crow's feet... but that's just because I smile so much.

  • Recently enjoyed a trip to Bayfield, WI and the Apostle Islands.

  • Planning a trip to Canada. Never been. Excited.

  • I'm taking Tai Chi at the local community center. We're learning the Sun 35 form. Enjoying that.

  • I just bought a pair of Crocs.

  • I've discovered the best pants! The Apex Pant from 5.11 I think I now have them in black, khaki, light grey, dark grey, and dark green.

  • Just had my 22nd wedding anniversary!

  • Both businesses (Moss Envy and North Garden Theater) are thriving.

  • Looking forward to the Minnesota State Fair.


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