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The new year brought a close to my (our) Holiday show - "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It was a fun run with a super fun cast - including my wife! I really loved performing with her. No surprise, we work well together. As fun as it was, I'm happy to get on with life and on to the next paragraph of this chapter. Which began with a trip to the Virgin Islands. What a way to wipe the slate clean, relax, refresh, and reconnect with family, nature, and self. Coming back to reality wasn't a ton of fun. It might have had something to do with going from 90 degrees to negative 30 degrees. The rest of January (artistically at least) has been about directing the Spring Lake Park High School One Act Competition Play. I have a great cast with a lot of natural ability and instincts. Makes my job MUCH easier. I've never been a part of a "competition" play before. We haven't really gotten much into the competition part of it. I suppose I'll figure that out when we get there in a few weeks. The picture is one of my actors - Elaina.

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